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Do You Want To Be My Next Successful Student

Watch the video below to see how you can ethically steal all my sales funnels, marketing resources, and traffic formulas that made me $1 Million + in affiliate commissions. 

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  • Yes, I saw the whole video above and loved it!
  • Yes, I'm an affiliate marketer or I want to be one!
  • Yes, I'm happy to invest in my success to get help from 
    Zach and his team to build, grow and scale my business.
  • ​​​​Yes, I promise to show up to my free breakthrough
    call helping me map out my 6 to 7-Figure business!
5 Things You Won't Find On This Page:
1.) Hype and unrealistic promises.

2.) BS sales techniques.

3.) No simple 3 step or 7 step systems.... I don't teach loopholes, shortcuts or get rich quick schemes. 

I show you how to build consistent, repeatable and predictable income online...

4.) No false scarcity to join now or you lose your spot forever. 

I will still be here 5 years from now. The only difference is that it will cost more because I keep raising the price as more students get results and I increase the value of the program.

5.) Fake testimonials purchased on Fiverr or my other guru buddies vouching for me saying I made them a millionaire when we all know it's BS.

Every testimonial on this page is 100% verifiable and by normal people just like you and me.

What I will do is shoot you straight and not insult your intelligence... 

I will show you proof that I'm qualified to help you and show you real case studies of people I've helped to back up my claims. Sound fair? 

If that sounds good to you, I want you to get a feel for who I am and what it's like to work with me...

I'm going to give you a fair warning ahead of time. 

It's going to take you a while to scroll down this page because I stack testimonials of people getting results applying my training like the guru's brag about stack'n their paper...
Why Am I Qualified To Help You?
A lot of people brag about their income and I will be honest I don't even like talking about how much money I make because it attracts a lot of people expecting to get rich quick without doing the work and that is not what I teach.

I would rather brag about all of the people I've helped to create a full time income online because that is all that really should matter to you. (I will do this later by the way)

However, since someone always wants proof I will show you that I've been doing this for years.

I've built a seven-figure business and I didn't do it all by only teaching people how to make money online.

This is what my average tax bills look like every year. (That's my corporation "Psychologically Unemployable LLC" and business partner Guy Crawford)  
"I’ve created two seven-figure businesses 
selling affiliate products and my own products
"I’ve created seven figure businesses selling affiliate products and my own products"
"When I enter affiliate competitions I climb the leaderboards
win tons of contests and rub shoulders with some
of the best marketers in the business." 
"When I enter affiliate competitions I climb the leaderboards fast, win tons of contests and rub shoulders with some of the best marketers in the business." 
“What I'm most proud of is not the money I've made, but
the ability to give my parents the life they truly deserve.”
“What I'm most proud of is not the money I've made, but 
the ability to give my parents the life they truly deserve.”
Now let's get BRUTALLY honest for a second...

My income, things I own and what i've achieved doesn't help you one bit.

There is only one thing that should matter to you... Can I actually help you?

Most of the time in this industry once you purchase a product you're on your own and if you don't buy more products the person won't even respond to you.

And... if someone has testimonials they're from other successful guru's vouching for them or fake testimonials they paid for on Fiverr.

So I will show you how I will help you by actually helping you. (What a concept)

So i'm going to show you "Some" of my successful students to show what is possible if you believe in yourself and follow the plan I create for you...
See REAL Student Testimonials 
Sebastian G.
"I joined Zach's program and learned so much. I've been able to make multiple six figures in profit applying his strategies."

And this year alone he will make over $1 million with the funnel I helped him design.
Cynthia N.
"Before I met Zach I was poor. Within a year I become a six-figure earner, was able to travel the world and help other people."

 After working with me and implementing my methods she's now a full time marketer and has made over $500,000 + online.
Steve H.
"I was able to do 9 sales of $997 my very first try following Zach's training. I just had my first $23,000 month and I now have the skills to build a real business"

He's now averaging $20,000 months and he just had his first $30,000 month.
Anas R.
"I had to sell my car, my washing machine and TV to join Zach's coaching program and it was the best decision of my life"

In Nov/Dec of 2020 I made well over $10,000 as an affiliate.

My goal in 2021 is to 10x my business and I'm confident I can do that with the help of Zach.
Fred M.
"By implementing Zach's strategies I was able to make $800 to $3000 days in my business." 

After purchasing my course and going through my training he applied what he learned from me to create a $30,000 a month income by taking his business online.

Fred's made as much as $70,000 in one month with his business.
John V.
(Update: He's now crossed $10,000 recurring month.)
"After working with Zach I went from not knowing anything about marketing to creating my own product in the fitness industry to about to cross making $10,000/month recurring income with his product."
Serdjim V.
"I invested in many different courses and coaching programs and they didn't deliver what they promised.

I was skeptical to work with Zach or join any other program thinking it would just be the same thing as all the previous programs.

I finally made the decision to work with Zach and after applying just 4 things I learned in his program I was able to start making a $10k per month consistent income."
Summer L.
"In just 5 days of working with Zach I made my first $500 online, by week three I made $3000 and now after one month of working together I made over $5000."
Vitaliy D.
"Zach played a huge role in my success. I was struggling and not getting results. After working with him I now make between $200 to $1000 per day"

He has since gone on to generate over seven figures online.
Samith P.
"I was struggling and not getting results. After working with Zach I had my first $1000 day and now I'm on a six-figure + income." 

He now is a multiple six figure earner online.
Hannah K.
"Zach has played a key role in my success. Zach helped me develop a strategy and grow my business. I'm now being invited to speak on stage all around the world."
Sam C.
"Zach told me he could help me increase my sales and he actually did it. Most people talk a big game, but they don't deliver. Zach actually is the real deal."
Joseph V.
"I was completely new to the business, applied what I learned and I started getting results rather fast. I now have my own coaching program helping other people.
Fatu S.
"I've tried to make money with affiliate marketing for 2 years with no results. After joining Zach's program I've had $500 to $1000 days consistently."
Jeffrey T.
I've tried many courses for over 3 years and I didn't learn anything. In 1 month of joining Zach's program I made my first $1000.
More REAL Student Testimonials
"Zach helped me stay focused on my goals and I've used his strategies for affiliate marketing to grow two of my businesses."
"Within one month of working with Zach I was able to start selling $2000 worth of product in my company and I'm now expanding my business.
"I was completely new to the business, applied what I learned and I started getting results rather fast. I now have my own coaching program helping other people.
"I applied Zach's Facebook marketing strategies and was able to qualify to get a free BMW for sending enough sales to my company."
"I just had my first $3000 day following Zach's training. He has been central to my success and helping me get results."
I've tried many programs with no significant results. In just six weeks of joining Zach's coaching I had my best week and made $1500.
"I found Zach on Youtube and in 1 month I launched my funnel and made $1200 in the first two weeks."
Zach showed me how to get results and how to do things strategically and in just 6 months I made more money online than in my previous 2 years and I'm just getting started."
Now Ask Yourself This...
If I get the results I do and all of these people got results by following my advice...

... and I let you copy all of my marketing, give you my social media posts, build you a custom sales funnel that is branded to you and I write your emails to make sure your leads convert into sales...

... plus support you daily, for the next year...

... and you only do 10% of what I do monthly...

.... what is the result?

Answer: Replace your day job income.

And once you can make your first sale, it's just a few small tweaks to make $10,000 + a month. 

That's no BS! That is a realistic income if you apply yourself and follow what I teach you.

Now let's bring the hype train back down to reality... 

While I can't guarantee you will get results because that is illegal, I can do everything in my power to increase your odds and help to speed up the process.

That is what my Top Earner Transformation Coaching Program is all about... 

You and I working together to scale the sh#t out of your online business.

What is that worth to you? 

Having me in your corner, day in and day out?

What would it be worth to you to actually get your questions answered and get the help you need without constantly being sold a new product?

What would it feel like to finally start making sales and build a simple, repeatable and scalable business that puts money in your bank day in and day out?

I'm going to take you by the hand and show you how to build a real business by actually showing you what I do and explain why I do it so you understand why it's important to implement for yourself.

Plus if you ever get stuck I will be helping you get unstuck with live on going support and coaching...

So if you're ready to work with me and have me help you blow up your business over the next year click the button below to book a call to speak with me.
How This Program Is Different:
When I first got started online I literally got taken for $10,000 + from several wannabe guru's who promised the world, but once they got my money they didn't deliver what they promised.

These are the type of guys who proclaim you will be able to make a million dollars in your first year online. (not realistic)

Maybe this is a similar scenario you've been through?
After going through these experiences myself I decided years ago that I would never treat my customers this way.
So it is my belief that you always give your customers 10x the value of what you're asking and this is why people jokingly say "Zach, gives away everything but the kitchen sink Crawford".
I've created a coaching program that will Fast Track your results and will allow you to earn while you learn.
I've also made it so just applying what I teach you with only 1 or 2 sales you will make your full investment back. 
Once you make a few sales we can tweak a few things you're doing to reach $10,000 to $20,000 a month pretty easily. 

Once you reach this level then you will be armed with the skills you need to create a seven-figure business just like my student Sebastian.

And unlike many of the big guru's who promise you they can make you a six or seven-figure earner I've actually helped many people do it.

There is a reason many of my students are my personal friends because I actually care if you get results.

Most of the wannabe guru's online can't back up a word they say.
The only value they have to offer is bragging about how much money they make, what cars they drive, and where they're traveling in the world.
Ask yourself this...... How does that help you? 

I want you to realize one thing...

I didn't just make $10,000 with Affiliate Marketing and start teaching people how to do it like most of the people selling their $997 courses. 
I made over a million dollars in Affiliate Marketing commissions before I ever sold a course so I know exactly what it takes to build, grow, and scale your business.
I practice what I preach and I will share everything I do with you to help you grow your business from nothing to a thriving business for a full year with nothing left out.

If you apply yourself I will be in your corner helping you scale your income and routing you on.

How Will I Help You Make
$10,000 + Per Month?

Now the goal with my Top Earner Transformation Coaching Program is for my students to reach a $10,000 to $20,000 per month income.

We will achieve that goal by building a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing business because it will allow you to hit your income goal 10X faster.
Most people who try to make money online will never hit $10,000 per month.
Not because they're not smart enough or not capable, but because they think the answer is to sell lots of small-ticket products because it will be easier. <---- Big Fat Myth!
Let me tell you a story about naive Zach several years ago...
When I first started in this industry my goal was to make $10,000 a month like most people I speak with.
To me, that was life-changing money.
After 6 months of busting my butt, I could barely crack $5000 a month consistently and I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.
Not only was I frustrated, but I was overworked and burned out. 

I was making money online, but it was more work than my old job.
I hired a mentor to help me figure out what the heck I was doing wrong.
What I discovered is that I was working 100X harder than I should be.
The thing he taught me was that it's 10X easier to sell Big-Ticket products to your customers than to sell 1000's of low ticket products.
Let me show you an example to make $10,000 per month:
If you wanted to make $10,000 a month you could do this...
$50 commission = you need 200 people to purchase the product.
$100 commission = you need 100 people to purchase the product.
This may seem simple, but I can tell you from experience it's a lot harder than it looks and extremely exhausting to try to get that many customers every month.
When I switched to selling Big-Ticket products my income went from $3000-$4000 a month to $50,000 + a month in just a few short months.
When you join my coaching program I’m going to teach you the skills to dominate any affiliate program you want, but to make sure you get up and running fast I’m going to give you access to my private affiliate program where you can make $1000 commissions.
Look at the difference to make $10,000 per month:
$1000 commission = you need just 10 people a month.
And to make $20,000 per month you only need 20 people.
See how much easier that is to get 10-20 people compared to 100-400 people?
By partnering with me you will be able to model what I do, leverage my marketing materials and my proven business and you have everything you need to scale to $10,000 - $20,000 + in just 6-12 months by following what I teach you.
Truth be told $10,000 a month is a very small goal to hit with this business.

You can easily do $1000 + a day when you follow my lead and implement what I teach you.
When you partner with me you're going to have everything you need to create a reliable, predictable, and scalable business.
And to be clear this program is not just about selling my products. My coaching program is to teach you how to become a Top Earner selling any product you want to sell. 

So if you have a product you already want to sell, but not getting the results you want, this is going to be massively beneficial to you.
By starting with my products you have the ability to recommend a good product that allows you to make $1000 commissions and hit your income goal fast.

This will allow you to avoid procrastination by trying to pick a niche, pick the perfect product, build a custom sales funnel yourself, and all the other skills you need to launch your business.
With my program, you will be able to earn while you learn.
The goal with my program is to get you up and running and into profit as soon as possible and then I can teach you all the skills as you progress to sell any product or program you choose.
So now let’s talk about everything you get when you join...

Here's What You're Going
To Get When You Join:
A Step-By-Step Plan To Get Results
A Step-By-Step Plan To Get Results
Once you're invited into my coaching program you will get access to my step-by-step blueprint showing you everything I do to build and grow a business from nothing to six or even seven figures.

This will start at a beginner level and show you everything you need to go from zero to $100,000 + a year online.

After you go through my coaching program you will have all the knowledge you need to scale to a six or even seven figure business just like my successful students who went through the training before you.
Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions 
Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions 
Now at the end of the day information alone won't save you. 

You will need one on one support from a mentor that can be there to help you when you need it. 

You will get to join me on live weekly coaching sessions to ask questions, get feedback, review your work or get help with anything you need. 

This is a strict no pitch environment. These webinars are pure value sharing what is currently working in my business and to help you make consistent progress in your business by giving you actionable steps you can apply right now.

These are all recorded so if you can't make it live, they will be uploaded weekly so you can watch them at your convenience. 

You can even submit your questions or work to be reviewed ahead of time if you can’t make it live.

I’m currently paying $10,000 for a similar group coaching program where I can submit my work and get it reviewed just like you will have the ability to do when you join my Top Earner Transformation Coaching Program today.

You’re going to get personally mentored by a seven figure earner and I’m in the FB group every single day to answers your questions and make sure you get results. 

I really care about my students and I want you to succeed just like my other successful students I’ve shared with you.
24/7 Members Support Group
24/7 Members Support Group
Now I want to make one thing clear...

This is not another one of those do it on your own digital courses.

This is a "Zach does it with you coaching program".

I will be playing and active role in your journey and guiding you every step of the way because I actually care if you get results.

You will never be lost or have to guess what you should be doing or have to worry about getting stuck and having no one you can ask for help... 

Anytime you need help you can ask me your questions and get the help and guidance you need.

You can ask questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week and get help whenever you need it inside our private members support group.

You can tag me anytime in the group and I’m checking this group several times a day to make sure every question personally gets answered.
Weekly Accountability
Weekly Accountability
Now let's get REAL for a second...

Building a business is tough when you're going at it alone. It's easy to not do the work, to self doubt yourself and not hold yourself accountable.

My secret weapon has always been investing in a mentor to hold me accountability and guide me. 

A mentor will keep you on track, push you when you need the moral boost and constantly force you to play big.

I'm committed to creating Top Earners and that is why I created the "Weekly Accountability Program"

Every single week I will be pushing you to play big, live up to your full potential and to get sh^t done so we are hitting the goals we set together.
Access To My Private Affiliate
Program & Free Car Program 

Access To My Private Affiliate 
Program & Free Car Program
You will get access to my private High Ticket Affiliate Program + The Free Car Program. 

You will have the ability to make $1,500 commissions and myself and my team will do all the hard work converting your leads into sales for you.

Whenever you make a sale I will personally congratulate you and give you a shout out inside my FB community.

To make things even better for you once you make consistent sales and qualify for the Free Car Program I will pay up to $1000 monthly towards whatever car you want. 

This is just a bonus on top of the commissions you will make.
A Custom Sales Funnel Created For You
A Custom Sales Funnel
Created For You
The number one reason people fail to get results is technology challenges. 

I'm going to teach you how to sell any products you want, but I want you to be able to earn while you learn so you're not spending months trying to piece everything together yourself.

I'm going to have my team set you up with a completely custom funnel I made for you that is custom branded to you and you will be able to make $1,500 per customer promoting my products.

All of the copywriting, email sequences and automation will be set up, integrated and installed for you. 
Done-For-You Proven Sales Funnels 
Proven Sales Funnels 
Now besides having a custom funnel setup for you to promote my products, I'm also going give you access to every custom sales funnel I create to promote other people's proven products.

The difference between Top Earners and amateur affiliates is their own custom sales funnel.

Top Earners don't use the same sales funnels everyone else is using. 

I will be setting you up with sales funnels I create and write the copy for to make sure they have all the right elements to make you sales.

As you can see in the image I know how to create sales funnels that get results fast. 

If you have a sales funnel built for you it's going to cost you $5000-$20,000 +.

And if you wanted to hire me to build a funnel for you my fee starts at $15,000 to build you a funnel that converts leads into buyers.

When you join my coaching program you're getting access to all the funnels I create that make me thousands of dollars every single day.

This will save you massive amounts of money, time and frustration trying to build and piece everything everything together yourself.
White Label Bonus Packages
White Label Bonus Packages
The difference between super affiliates who make sales effortlessly and amateur affiliates that struggle to make sales is a bonus package.

If you look at all top affiliates they will offer a custom bonus package to get their customers to buy through their link.

I'm going to save you the time, money and technical headaches that come with making your own products.

I’m going to let you leverage my bonus packages and plug people into my training programs so they can get the help they need too.

You can spend your time applying what I teach you to make sales and I will take care of training your members and providing them with everything they need.

You will get your own membership area you can download straight into your Clickfunnels account.

When people signup for the different affiliate offers I recommend inside the membership site all commissions will go to you.

I create a new bonus package for every affiliate program I promote. Every time I release a new offer you will get access to the new white label bonus.

If you would license a bonus and funnel from another seven figure earner you can expect to pay around $25,000 for just one funnel + bonus package.

When you join my coaching program today you get access to all of the bonus packages I create in the future for free.
Traffic Mastery Training Course 
Traffic Mastery Training Course 
This is a step-by-step strategic plan to utilize the best traffic sources I currently use in my business to get leads and sales.

​I'll share what platforms to focus on versus the social media platforms to avoid.

I’m going to walk you through the whole process of what to do first, what to do second and show you exactly how to do it and even what to say to get results...

This is why I have so many beginners that are able to start and make their first Big-Ticket commission in under 30 days because I’m literally going to hand hold you through the whole process. 

Once you learn to master the basics, I will teach you more advanced methods to scale your affiliate marketing business to six figures and beyond.
The Million Dollar Swipe File 
The Million Dollar Swipe File 
The Million Dollar Swipe File isn't just some cute name... these are all my marketing materials that have generated over a million dollars in affiliate marketing commissions. 

I give you all of my proven emails, social media posts, and marketing materials to copy, paste, tweak and profit with.

You show me one guru who will give you everything they use without making you pay $25,000 for it. (Yep, doesn't happen!)
How The Coaching Program Works:
Now, To Be Clear - You Must Be Prepared 
To Make An Investment In Yourself
Now, To Be Clear - You Must Be Prepared To Make An Investment In Yourself
It’s very important to understand that this is not a “get rich quick” scheme or a “fix me quick” solution. This program requires a lot of my personal time, and my entire team's dedicated effort.

This is why I want to truly make sure you’re 100% ready and committed.

My coaching program is only for those who not only have desire, but also have a realistic approach to business; they understand that investment is always required to achieve greatness. 

However, this is an Entrepreneurial Investment you’re making in Yourself that will pay-off for the rest of your life.

So, be prepared to discuss this and be 100% committed.
What's The Process Look Like From Here?
Step #1: Schedule A Call
Today, is Step #1. In fact, the process has already begun. At the bottom of this page you will be asked to fill out a short survey so we can get to know a little bit about you and where you're currently at in your journey as an entrepreneur...

Once you fill out the survey you will be redirected to another page to schedule a call to speak with Zach or Guy Crawford.
Step #2: Do You Qualify?
Within 48 hours, Zach or Guy Crawford will reach out to you and talk to you about your journey so far. We will try to understand where you are right now and what you want to accomplish.
Step #3: Invite You To Work With Zach
After speaking with you if we feel that we can help you reach your goals and you're coachable then we will invite you to work with Zach for 1 full year to help you grow your business.
So... If That Resonates With You, And If You
Feel That This Is What You Are Looking For...
Schedule Your Call Below...
There are limited spots available every single month for a free call, please only book yourself in, if you are serious, committed and ready to TAKE ACTION NOW.

Fill out the short survey below then you will be redirected to the next page so you can select a time to speak directly with me.

Fill Out The Short Survey Below To Book Your Call...

Important Legal & Disclaimers:
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The Psychologically Unemployable LLC Programs, are not responsible for your actions. You are solely responsible for your own moves and decisions and the evaluation and use of our products and services should be based on your own due diligence. You agree that the Psychologically Unemployable LLC Programs are not liable to you in any way for your results in using our products and services. See our Terms of Service for our full disclaimer of liability and other restrictions.
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